Weaves, Braids, Extensions, and Hair Loss

Published: 31st March 2010
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Just a few helpful facts...

If you're someone suffering from follicular hair loss, meaning losing hair directly from your roots and not due to breakage, you will make it worse by braiding, sewing, bonding or fusing added hair into your own. Any type of extensions, weaves, tracks, fusion and various types of braids can be all grouped as or referred to as hair additions.

Hair additions being used by individuals to mask thinning or balding areas always exacerbates the problem. Only women with healthy, thick and full heads of virgin hair make the ideal candidates for hair additions.
Basically, the less hair follicles you have for hair additions to hold onto, the more susceptible you are to follicular hair loss. Its a strength in numbers type of concept.

For instance, even if your hair follicles survive the process of getting a weave with the tight braiding and sewing, depending on the thickness of the weave, your follicles are now in jeopardy for the next several weeks with the steady continuous tension of the weave hanging from your thin hair and being pulled on every time you change your clothing, put on a coat, or groom and style your hair. Even with bonding and fusion, the removal process of the adhesive or keratin is so damaging that it breaks the little hair you have left in addition to stressing the follicle.

What it all boils down to is If your hair is thin, you cant have any tension on your remaining hair follicles, especially on the ones surrounding the face as they are fine and extremely delicate. But any hair pulled too tight for an extended period of time will damage or kill the follicle, resulting in temporary hair loss. Repetitive braiding or weaving of thin hair can result in permanent hair loss, which is a condition known as Traction Alopecia which is only cured through hair restoration surgery.

This information is not meant to scare anyone. We just feel people should just be aware of the pros and cons of hair additions so they don't worsen the condition of their hair loss. Once again, if you have healthy, strong hair then hair additions may be the perfect solution for you for a longer look. However for people with thinning hair, where the hair loss is follicular, we believe wigs are the best non-surgical solution. Whether you place an order for custom high end wig from a manufacturer, or purchase a lower end one from your local beauty supply store, there's no tension on your follicles, and they allow easy access to your hair to monitor its progress, provided you're not using adhesive to keep it on. Furthermore, they are universally much preferred over hair additions by dermatologist.

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